The Economist has observed CAT as toughest examination globally for MBA entrance test but it does not comment on if this process is selecting the best lot of managers for the global positions. GMAT has been accepted as the leader due to its comprehensive approach to comprehension, quantitative, and writing ability.

Some of the challenges that we face in making it a world class entrance test is that it does not offers a positive balance in academic quotient, emotional quotient, social quotient which is needed for a professional to be effective and efficient in corporate. The entrance test is set up in such manner that it has been biased to engineers and male, which is creating an imbalance in the labor market eco-system specially when it is demanded that we need to increase the women and experienced candidates population in the management schools. World over B’schools are changing their admission process to have more and more nationalities. In India, Corporate sector needs more and more female CEOs due to their suitability in many jobs like banking, health, hospitality etc. CAT, by its bias towards male engineers does not allow women to active be part of India’s management pool.

Amongst several challenges, the polarisation of the few domains in the results of CAT is disturbing the participation of a good mix in the classroom. Another challenge is that we cannot invite foreign students through such a specific and tough process, it will be mistake by India if we do not have foreign students in our classrooms when everything is going global. I will opine that the entrance test can be made easy to accommodate the necessary requirements and selection process can be very personal criteria. It is important that we have good students coming to the selection process and only the good on academics. Good students should not be rejected in the first stage.